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We have always been on a fixed rate gas plan for 15 years with Scana. Scana was good to us, yet we wanted to check for a better deal.

My wife and I called Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) intending to sign up for a 12 month fixed rate plan we saw online. After long wait time excess of 25 minutes and another 20 mins on the phone with GNG, they talked us into a plan that with a fixed rate for 2 months. Georgia Natural Gas did not honor a special rate we saw online without a promotion code. This seems like a marketing ploy.

We were tired, so we agreed to the two month plan to take effect 45 days later. Soon after we switched to Georgia Natural Gas, our lives turned hectic. Maybe some of you can relate. My wife learned her job was eliminated.

My job management position in sales was overwhelming because we were purchased by private equity and several customers were at risk. My wife and I both forgot we were not on fixed rate plan. My wife blames me, which there is justification. Georgia Natural Gas did not inform (remind) us when the fixed rate ended.

We thought we were on a fixed rate, but GNG had switched us to a variable rate. Our busy lives cost us over $600 is higher gas bills 2013 - 2014 winter. We asked GNG for an adjustment to our bill for about half of what we lost $300 and we would sign up them for a 12 month fixed plan, but they refused. Why would they not want to create customer Goodwill?

I think it is company culture. Their decison told me they want to take the money and run. My advice, do not select Georgia Natural Gas. If you select GNG, do not fall for the introductory plan.

It is a great scam.

It got us. By the way, GNG Corporate Office finally called to respond the the complaint and Bianca hung up on me.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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